CITE’s work focuses on developing methodologies that can help organizations and individuals evaluate a product’s suitability, scalability, and sustainability.

CITE’s methodologies are evolving through our evaluations which provide tremendous value to the CITE team as learning opportunities. Each evaluation is also designed to have maximum impact in terms of the insights they provide to the global development community. With each and every evaluation, the team draws upon lessons learned to improve CITE’s overall approach.

CITE currently draws upon multi-criteria decision analysis to understand product adoption in developing countries, but is also exploring and comparing other types of decision strategies for future evaluation work.

Consumer Reports was a key partner and consultant in CITE’s first-ever product evaluation, which successfully used elements of a Consumer Reports-style chart to communicate product ratings. Product evaluation was conducted in the lab and field. Evaluation in the field can be a much more complex process, so CITE continues to explore how best to translate the US-based Consumer Reports approach to a developing country context. 

Interested in Leaning more? Download A Practitioner's Guide for Technology Evaluation in Global Development, a user-friendly, step-by-step framework for adopting the CITE methodology. 

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