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Product evaluation pipeline Evaluation Define/Refine 3S approach Education & course development Methodology & tools Development insights Evaluation report
Product Evaluation Pipeline

CITE selects which products to evaluate in coordination with our partners and donors based on factors such as need, CITE expertise, geography, prevalence of a technology, and more. Click to learn more. 


Each year, CITE conducts a number of product evaluations around the world, using its 3-S methodology. Click to learn more.

Define/Refine Comprehensive 3S Methodologies

CITE methodologies evolve through our evaluation, including multi-criteria decision analysis and other types of decision strategie. Click to learn more.

3S Approach

CITE evaluations explore suitability, (does a product perform its intended purpose) scalability, (can the supply chain effectively reach consumers) and sustainability (is a product used correctly, consistently and continuously over time). Click to learn more.

Education & Course Development

At MIT and beyond, CITE offers students and practitioners opportunities to learn and apply lessons from CITE’s product evaluations in their day-to-day work. Click to learn more.

Methodology & Tools

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Development Insights

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Evaluation Report

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