For Practitioners

Using CITE Evaluations for Decision-Making

One of CITE’s main goals is providing helpful information to organizations and individuals responsible for procuring large amounts of products in global development programs. We encourage you to take a look at our latest product evaluation reports and think about how you might use the information for decision-making in your organization.

We also hope you’ll let us know how we can make our product evaluations more useful and actionable for organizations like yours in the future!


Evaluation Courses

Interested in learning more about product evaluation in global development? CITE is currently developing a new edX course, “Evaluating Products Designed for the Poor,” which will launch in spring 2017.

The course is uniquely designed for global development practitioners. Participants will learn about effective strategies for conducting product evaluations, participate in case studies, and have the opportunity to apply what they learn for use in future work. Contact us to subscribe to future emails about CITE’s edX course.



Partners are essential to CITE’s product evaluation work. In general, CITE works with two kinds of partners:

  • Core Partners—partners from implementing organizations who engage in thought leadership and development of CITE’s approach
  • Evaluation Partners—partners in the field who work with CITE to conduct specific product evaluations in the local context

Learn more about CITE’s current partners or contact us to learn more about how to partner with CITE.


Lean Research

CITE is one of the leading programs behind the new Lean Research Initiative, a movement for international development research to be right-sized, respectful, relevant, and rigorous. CITE most recently incorporated Lean Research principles in its evaluation on water test kits in India.

You can learn more about Lean Research and how to incorporate it in your work on the MIT D-Lab website.



Are you planning an international development-themed event on a campus local to the Boston area? Contact us to let us know how we might get involved, whether it’s providing a guest speaker or sharing our latest research.


Practitioner's Guide

Interested in adoping the CITE methodology to conduct your own evaluation? Check out A Practitioner's Guide for Technology Evaluation in Global Development, a user-friendly, step-by-step framework that helps any organization conduct its own evaluation. 

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