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Rich Fletcher

Dr. Rich Fletcher is Project Manager and MIT Community Engagement Lead Researcher for the CITE Machine Learning in Developing Country Contexts study.

He leads the Mobile Technology Lab based at MIT D-Lab, which develops a variety of mobile sensors, analytic tools, and diagnostic algorithms to study problems in global health and behavior medicine. Rich has done field work in over a dozen developing countries and currently leads several research efforts in the area of global health, agriculture, environmental monitoring, behavior medicine, and mental health. R

ich has worked for over 20 years in the field of wireless sensors and RFID, including five years with the US Air Force and 15 years at the MIT Media Lab, producing over a dozen US patents and several spin-off companies. In the field of medicine, Rich Fletcher currently leads several research studies funded by NIH, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, Vodafone and the Tata Trust. Bridging together the fields of engineering and medicine, Rich’s research utilizes a variety of mobile technologies and wearable sensors for use in behavior monitoring as well as psychological and behavioral interventions.

In 2009, Rich patented one of the first mHealth “just in time intervention” (JITAI) systems, and is currently part of several clinical studies with partner hospitals in the US and India studying various aspect of behavior change in the context of health.

Rich has roots in Colombia (South America) and is also an MIT alumnus, with degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. In addition to his role at MIT D-Lab, he is an assistant professor at University of Massachusetts Medical School department of Psychiatry.

Machine Learning in Developing Country Contexts role: Overall project management, alignment of interdisciplinary research leveraging mixed methods, engagement with stakeholders and partners, especially with MIT faculty and staff to synthesize and document learnings specifically in relation to the use of ML in international development. Dr. Fletcher will also advise in regard to the analysis of a health based case study.

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