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Maryam Najafian

Machine Learning Lead Researcher Dr. Maryam Najafian is a Research Scientist at MIT Computer Science and AI Lab (CSAIL) and Institution for Data, Science, and Society (IDSS) with a research interest in addressing a range of data science, speech, image, video, sensor, natural language processing, and data science problems using deep learning & machine learning algorithms. 

She is currently leading the development of ML solutions for the following topics: "patent data analysis using natural language processing and citation network analysis," and "fairness, and transparency in AI and Machine Learning .. She is currently supervising four students for different AI and ML efforts at MIT. She has published over 25 refereed papers in leading journals and conferences. She is a reviewer for over 15 different IEEE, Springer, and Elsevier journals and conferences. 

Prior to this, she lead and delivered ML solutions for a wide range of projects, namely  "dialect recognition and multi-dialect robust speech recognition," "child Autism detection through speaker diarization, location, and acoustic scene analysis," and "action recognition for patients with Apraxia or action disorganization syndrome" for service and healthcare providers. She also worked at the Apple Siri on “accent robust speech recognition for British accents.” She provided consultancy services to number of startups in the healthcare and Education domains to enhance their AI capabilities, reduce the costs, and improve their accuracy.

Her role in the Macheine Learning research study: Leads technical aspects of the ML evaluation methodology research design, implementation of the lab based testing and computer simulation at MIT, data analysis, documenting and synthesizing findings.

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