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Jeffrey Asher
Consumer Product Testing Consultants


Dr. Asher is MIT’s CITE Suitability advisor and consultant. Jeff retired recently after over 21 years at Consumer Reports (CR) where he was their Technical Director and Vice President. In that position, he managed over 150 technical personnel who tested and reported on appliance, cars, electronics, recreation, and other household products.

Previous to his work at CR, Jeff was a fluid mechanics researcher and held various management posts at General Electric's Corporate Research Center.

As CITE’s Suitability consultant over the last three years, he has worked directly with MIT staff using Consumer Report’s methodologies to test portable solar lanterns in Uganda, Africa and water filters in Ahmedabad, India.  Water filter testing was done last summer when he brought a team from MIT to work at Consumer Reports’ water filter lab to evaluate these products in a far different fashion for emerging countries than he had done for the US marketplace.

Jeff is serving on his local School Board where he is a driving force for increasing STEM offerings down to pre-K.  He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Syracuse University.

He is founder of Consumer Product Testing Consultants that provides support services to organizations for creating and executing cost-effective, test methodologies in the pursuit of bringing innovative products to market.  Additionally, by using comparative product testing methods, the competitive landscape can be assessed more accurately. These are key elements for an organization to become a marketplace change-agent in the developing and developed world.

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