Solar Powered Water Pumps Evaluation

Solar Powered Water Pumps


Irrigation plays a key role for smallholder farmers in increasing crop yields and in many cases allowing them to cultivate during the dry season, on land which would otherwise be fallow for up to four months of the year. However, many of these farmers don’t have access to reliable grid electricity and/or are subject to the high cost of diesel fuel to pump water for irrigation.

Clean Cool Water in a Dry Place

I am sitting on a flat rock under a tree in rural Uttar Pradesh, several kilometers outside of Jhansi. All around us the ground is dry and parched and the weather resembles being inside an oven – dry and hot, but there is a little green patch in front of me, where vegetables are growing with a vengeance. I watch as cold clear water flows into the field, and Chanda, the land’s farmer, carefully and meticulously channels the water into each section of the small plot. Onions, tomatoes, eggplant, chilies, each get their turn to be soaked.

In Another World: Salt Production in the Little Rann of Kutch

After driving for about 10 minutes over dusty terrain, our car pulled to a stop in front of a small solar array.

“When visiting the Rann, always take a guide with you,” my escort for the day, Mr. Anurag Bhatnagar says, “it’s very easy to lose your way. I’ve come across skeletons in this desert.”

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