Looking to the Future

“Development agencies like Mercy Corps are increasingly looking to the commercial sector for solutions to long-term development challenges. Evaluations like (CITE’s) can help program managers make informed decisions on which commercial products are most suitable for program goals and target communities.”

—David Nicholson, Mercy Corps Director of the Environment, Energy & Climate Change Technical Support Unit


Given the positive response to CITE’s work thus far, we are actively exploring the scalability and sustainability of the CITE program after 2017, when our current grant funding comes to a close.

A small team is refining the concept for a financially sustainable organization and working to determine what kind of demand exists for product evaluation services in global development at a larger scale.

CITE is also leading an initiative to foster educational cooperation between leading universities in India and the United States to foster technological innovation for economic development.

If you are interested in providing feedback on the demand for CITE’s work in the global development community and beyond, please feel free to contact us.

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