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08/22/2016 | Lauren McKown

One of the foremost tensions in performing international development research is the trade-offs beween rigor and relevance. When our research attempts to address questions whose answers could change or save lives, it is essential that the research is actionable. On the other hand, as academics,...

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04/04/2016 | Prithvi Sundar

The MIT CITE team has been working with USAID's Food For Peace to conduct a technology evaluation of packaging solutions to increase the cost-effectiveness of delivering food aid. So far the team has drafted an experimental design and begin procurement of commodities to put the design into...

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10/29/2015 | Matthew McCambridge

In 2016, CITE will evaluate a diverse group of wheelchairs intended for use by adults in the developing world which have been distributed by organizations skilled in service delivery. CITE has worked closely with the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals and a USAID-funded...

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08/05/2015 | Brennan Lake

Despite persistent demand for products that satisfy basic human needs, in many last-mile communities market failures prevent the accessibility of such products.  One...

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07/06/2015 | Jeffrey Asher

Independent product testing—whether it's conducted by CITE in emerging countries or Consumer Reports here in the US–can be costly and time-consuming. How can we reduce the time and cost of...

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06/24/2015 | Lauren McKown

Welcome to the new online home of the Comprehensive Initiative of Technology Evaluation at MIT! Whether you are a new or old friend of the CITE program, we hope you enjoy the new site, which has been specially designed to facilitate sharing, learning, and action through conversation and...

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