CITE Researcher Speaks at World Water Day Event

Photo: CITE Researcher Vandana Pandya speaking on World Water Day at an event in Ahmedabad, India

On World Water Day, CITE Researcher Vandana Pandya delivered her thoughts at an event hosted by the Water and Sanitation Management Organization in Ahmedabad, India. She gave a brief overview of the water technology research being conducted by CITE, as well as sharing the narrative of her own experiences regarding water access in the area of Kachchh. She shared techniques for reusing water, metering water, recharging groundwater, and how essential all of these are to addressing water access challenges in Ahmedabad. 

Vandana shares that in order to achieve the sixth UN Sustainable Development Goal, which ensures availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, important action must be taken at the local level in Ahmedabad City. In Ahmedabad, some residents have shouldered the cost of water meter installation and infrastructure upgrades themselves, and have also changed their behavior to promote a radical shift to improve their local systems. After an awareness campaign, they have begun repairing leaking taps immediately, turning off water while brushing their teeth and shaving, replacing the use of showers with buckets for bathing, and stopping the overflow of water while cleaning utensils.

At the close of the World Water Day event, attendees gathered to make a collective pledge to stop water waste, to reuse water where possible, to pay their water tax, and to take local responsibility for water management and maintenance in their village.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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