Each year, CITE conducts a number of product evaluations around the world using its 3-S methodology:

  • Suitability—does a product perform its intended purpose?
  • Scalability—can the supply chain effectively reach consumers?
  • Sustainability—is a product used correctly, consistently & continuously over time?

While some evaluations may explore all three criteria—suitability, scalability, and sustainability—others may dive deeply into just one or two criteria where information is needed most.

CITE uses a combination of tools such as surveys, interviews, sensors, and focus groups to conduct its evaluations. CITE is also exploring use of new data-collection tools like crowd sourcing. Each evaluation is user- and context-driven, designed to account for the complexity of product deployment in developing countries.

CITE selects which products to evaluate in coordination with our partners and donors based on factors such as need, CITE expertise, geography, prevalence of a technology, and more.

You can download our product evaluations, explore key findings, and see what evaluations are in progress here.

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