CITE is dedicated to generating and sharing new knowledge about product evaluation in global development.

At MIT and beyond, CITE offers students and practitioners opportunities to learn and apply lessons from CITE’s product evaluations in their day-to-day work.


Undergraduate Course

CITE is developing material for a new undergraduate course, “Technology and Development,” to be offered at MIT in coming semesters. Stay tuned for details!


edX Course for Practitioners  

CITE is also currently developing a new edX course, “Evaluating Products Designed for the Poor,” which will launch in spring 2017.

The course is uniquely designed for global development practitioners. Participants will learn about effective strategies for conducting product evaluations, participate in case studies, and have the opportunity to apply what they learn for use in future work.

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Student Researchers

Each semester, CITE selects a small cohort of MIT students as “research assistants” to advance methodology, conduct evaluations, and develop coursework. These students acquire skills in research, communication, and project management that they can apply to careers in global development after graduation.

Other opportunities, including internships and residencies, are also available from time to time.


Higher Education Solutions Network

CITE is one of eight partners in the USAID Higher Education Solutions Network. The network is designed to “harness the ingenuity and passion of university students, researchers, and faculty to deliver the greatest impact and develop innovative solutions to global development challenges.

You can learn more about the network, its other university partners, and how to get involved. 

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